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How To Make EDM Bass Music

What Is Sub Bass? EDM Tutorial


Sub Bass is a sound that moves air below 100 hertz and creates that vibration feeling. Sub bass is a sound that is heard and felt through a PA system and smaller audio set ups, but it is never heard or felt on a phone. Knowing how to properly distort bass is the secret to creating the perfect bass vibration.

808’s have a unique dynamic range that were originally created with the Roland 808. If you understand how 808’s work then you can make your on 808’s in your DAW. Learn more about 808s and Bass Sound Design.

Bass Sound Effects
There’s a ton of bass sound effects in your DAW that are great for distorting bass. Distorting bass adds texture and movement to your music. Check out our Huge Sub Bass The Right Way tutorial to learn a lot about bass sound effects.

This video is a free snippet for the Ill.Methodology Bass Sound Design Workshop. Coming Soon from Producer Dojo. Check out two more free edm tutorials from the workshop: How To Use Noise Oscillators in EDM Production and Use Additive Synthesis And Make Awesome Bass

bass sound design for edm
EDM Artist and Music Producer ill.Gates on ProducerDJ

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