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ILL.Gates Releases “Sick” Virus Patches

I want to give you my Virus…

…as Ableton Multisample Instruments!

The Access Virus is a truly legendary synth. Used famously by everyone from Depeche Mode, to Tipper and Excision its silky tones and distinctive spatial effects stand out in any mix. It was a timeless classic from the moment it came out and remains one of the most immediately USEFUL synths around.

The only problem is that it’s a big, expensive hardware synth that needs to be physically with you to use… until today!

We meticulously multi sampled all of my favorite Virus patches and converted them to Ableton Sampler instruments so now you can enjoy the sound of the Access Virus anywhere you go!


10 Earth Shaking Basses

35 Attention Demanding Leads

9 Ethereal Pads

1 “128” Style Multisample of sound designed transition effects

We’ve prepared these for all Ableton 10 users by putting each patch into a 128 where we sampled every note on the keyboard. This means no matter what note you play it’s going to sound perfect; exactly the same as if you recorded it from your own studio.
Don’t sleep on these patches. This is the only virus you WANT to catch.

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