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New EDM Music release Metasine

Transcend Sound with Metasine

The new Metasine EP, “Transcend Sound” was released on Feb. 21, 2020 and has already reached the top of the Beatport new release charts with a #1 in Dubstep and a #2 in Downtempo. I was stoked to congratulate Connor on the success of his release and learn more about what went into making it.

Connor, congratulations on your debut EP release – “Transcend Sound.” Tell us the story behind your new EP and how have things changed for you along the way? 

Thank you! Very stoked to finally be able to share the music with everyone!

To me, metasine has always translated to “transcend sound.” “Meta” is Greek for transcending, and well, we all know what a sine wave is. Nikola Tesla once said: “if you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” If sound is just energy, then what is music? At what point does a pattern of vibrations become an emotion? Whether it be a sine wave or a light wave, the divide between the physical and emotional deteriorates when we become immersed in something bigger than us.  Transcend Sound is an homage to this concept. It aims to provide you with a unique musical experience, help you to expand yourself, feel your feelings, and become immersed in something bigger.

What new skills have you acquired as a direct result of your work on this EP release?

The EP really encompasses my growth as an artist over the last 2 years. I’ve learned so much. From technical audio stuff and Ableton capabilities to psychological hacks and habitual lifestyle changes. I think the biggest change in my production came from a better understanding of mixdowns. I never really struggled to finish music, but I felt that my songs just didn’t stand up to the songs that inspired me. Learning not only how to EQ and gain stage properly, but how to compose with a sonically diverse palate in order to give each sound the space and attention it deserved really helped to level up my production.

Is there one song that you are most proud of on your latest EP?  If yes, why? 

Each song has its own story. But I think the one that really stands out to me is Gorilla Glue. I wrote the idea for it with my two brothers, Derek and Trey. We knew it had a good vibe, but it didn’t really have a face. After a while of sitting on it, I revisited the project with a fresh perspective. I had just gone to an Iration concert the night before and was feeling really inspired to write lyrics and sing… which I never do. Before I knew it I was recording vocals on the track. And since I was in the process of recording I figured why not break the saxophone out too! I remember it was a really hot day and with all the windows closed my studio became a sauna pretty quickly. I was sweating like crazy, way outside my comfort zone creatively, and I could actually feel myself pouring my heart into the song. It was a transformative experience for me.

What has been your favorite Metasine live performance experience so far? Tell us about your performance set up…do you use Ableton or CDJs? 

I think it would have to be opening for a sold-out Manic Focus and Russ Liquid show in Boston last year. I entered a mix contest for the opening slot and ended up winning! My set started to a pretty empty room but finished to a full venue. It was the first time I experienced people screaming when I finished my set. Was very surreal. I ended up getting to hang out with Jmac and Russ (two of my music idols) for a while too. Russ actually came back to my house after to chill before his early AM flight. It was such a cool night. 

I perform with Ableton using the ill.gates X Will Marshall APC40 (mk1) template along with my APC40. The template is such a powerhouse for performance and makes it really fun. I highly recommend it. I also sometimes play the sax live with my set, which I run through a channel in Ableton to add some color and effects. My cousin Alex is a pretty insane guitarist as well, so I like to include him in my sets when I can. He’s actually the source of most of the guitar sounds you hear in my music!

What are some of your near-term and long-term goals for your music career?

My primary goal has always been the same, to express myself creatively. In the end I really do just do it for myself. Looking to the future, I would like to begin to start playing more shows – especially non-local ones. This is something I have never really leaned into. I don’t really want to put too much pressure on myself to reach certain milestones, but I guess my goal for the next couple years is to start performing around the country! I want to meet lots of new people, discover new sounds, and start to draw inspiration from a much bigger space.

If you want me to come perform in your area, you can help! If you know any promoters in your area, tell them I want to come play! 

Oh and the next album is already underway 😉

What creative ways do you promote your music?

I’ve never been very good at this side of the music industry. I do my best to use social media and email marketing, but I actually think I focus more on “purple cow” marketing. Remarkable music markets itself. My promotion strategy aims to create music that people want to show their friends, rather than just shoving it in their face. Easier said than done, but this is where my head is at.

Tell us about your experience with Producer Dojo so far? When did your journey first begin with Producer Dojo and what are a few of the game changing lessons that you learned along the way?

I’ve been producing for around 12 years and joined the class in 2017, a little over 2 years ago. At first I just crushed Dylan’s workshops and tutorial content. In my opinion, The Weekly Download is the most valuable resource in the industry. I can’t even begin to express how much I learned from it. If you’re even the slightest bit curious, just do it.. You will not regret it. 

I spent a good chunk of time in the class just hammering the monthly mixtape/cyphers, which I think really helped me to step outside of my comfort zone and experiment with things that I usually wouldn’t. I never would have thought that following rules would make me more creative! One good example that comes to mind is the All Organic Mixtape. The rules were basically to make a song with no synths. I learned how to really manipulate audio and create wavetables through granular synthesis, which I still use as a technique in pretty much every project I work on. 

Other than that, I’ll just reiterate my top 3 bit-sized lessons that I said in my purple belt interview (louder for the people in the back!):

– Nothing is perfect. You can mess with that snare for an entire day, only to change it again later, just move on. 

– Amateurs wait for inspiration to strike, pros just show up to work. It was really important for me to learn how to practice discipline and consistency in my production. 

– Finish everything that you start. If you’re not in the habit of finishing, you won’t be able to when it really matters.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us? 

I want to give a massive shout out to everyone who has supported the EP so far! It’s really amazing to see so many people responding to the music. I never could have imagined how much love I’ve received and it truly fills my heart. I promise to pour all of that love into my future projects. 

If you’re a producer, just keep going. We all experience writer’s block. We all have crippling self doubt. You need to believe in yourself. Especially when no one else does. Stay balanced and consistent. Learn from mistakes. Focus on your growth as an artist, not as a profile. It will all work out in the end. 

Thank you all so much. Lots of love <3

Check out the new Metasine “Transcend Sound” EP here.

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