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The ill.Methodology Workshop: How to Achieve Musical Breakthroughs

In 2011, ill.Gates released a workshop (and album) called “The ill.Methodology. It was all about the big picture for musicians – psychology, philosophy, lifestyle design, limiting beliefs, getting out of your own way, organization, mental health, etc. It got hundreds of thousands of plays and thousands of sales. Many credit it with being THE workshop that flipped the switch in their mind and set them on their path to success.

Some of the biggest names in electronic music such as Apashe, Beats Antique, Mr. Bill, Excision, Illenium, G Jones, Protohype, Morgan Page, and Minnesota have all credited ill.Gates and the ill.Methodology as being inspirational and serving as a foundation that helped them on their journey to becoming household names.

ill.Gates has continued to expand and evolve his teachings and philosophies over the years, but the ill.Methodology remains the number one recommended starting point for producers that are looking to develop a strong workflow, inspirational thought patterns, and most importantly, finish a ton of new music they are proud to release!

Any producer that struggles in areas like artistic development, organization and time management, aesthetics and composition, library and sampler preparation, workflow, and promotion, could benefit from the life changing secrets and philosophies ill.Gates shares in the ill.Methodology.

Recently, ill.Gates announced that he will be doing a live 5 day EP Boot Camp in Denver, Colorado, November 6th – 11th! This week-long complete training will expand on the original Methodology, plus ALL of ill.Gates’ teachings through the years. He’s going to show you the entire process of making and releasing an EP from start to finish.

If you’re interested in learning more about music production or want to get ready for EP Boot Camp and have never taken The ill.Methodology, then this workshop is calling your name!

Enjoy the first hour of The iLL.Methodology at the video below.

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