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Step In The Dojo and Meet Your Senseis

As you prepare to remix your life in 2019, let’s meet your Senseis who will help you to achieve your goals

At Producer Dojo we have very talented Senseis (aka mentors) that specialize in a wide variety of music production skills. Let’s take a look at our 2019 Senseis categorized by DAW (Ableton, FL Studio, Reason, Logic).

Ableton Live

Matter (aka HEXIS) – 1st to release his EP, “The Sound” on the Producer Dojo Label, Dustin Dvorak is the bass makin, room shakin’, system crankin dj – mixdowns and basses are his specialty, as well as musical theory.

Mitch Brady – 2nd to release his EP, “The Ju Ju Jetpack Project” on the Producer Dojo Label, Mitch has a talent for creating infectious melodies and he crushes music production timer exercises that empower him to finish a mountain of tracks each month.

Spiderhound – 3rd to release his EP, “Dopamine” on the Producer Dojo Label, Sean Naughton can help you with Ableton Live, project management, workflow, creative hacks, sound design, arrangement, mixing, DIY mastering and psychological approaches to success.  

RIP KENNY – 4th to release his EP, “Awakenings” on the Producer Dojo Label, Evan Gilsdorf specializes in forging your unique sound — through workflow, arrangement, music theory, sound design, mixing & mastering.

TESKO – 5th to release his EP, “Something Wrong”on the Producer Dojo Label, Nikola Zjalic is an articulate producer dweeb/teacher who can help you develop a sound, make/finish more music, and anything else abstract or technical (mixing, sound design, theory, etc). Since 2009 he has produced all kinds of music from rock/metal, electronic (dubstep, trap, house, etc), pop, etc. His aim as a teacher is to further articulate some of the more complex concepts in songwriting/production and help you write a larger amount of quality music quicker.

Nintendeaux – Tyson Lunn is a sample shredding pad smasher who can help you with mixing, mastering, sampling, Maschine, MPC, Ableton.

Metasine – Connor Proctor specializes in finding the groove, creative writing and sampling, being efficient, mixing / mastering, and having fun using Ableton Live 9.

Moonsplatta – Jack can help you with Ableton, bass sound design, sampling, analog synthesis, workflow, music theory.

6TH STREET – Richie specializes in composition, synth stacking sound design, vocal mixing, DIY mastering, and building social media presence/following. 6TH STREET can also help with Ableton workflow hacks and can also offer live performance and DJ advice – both through Ableton (illgates’ MF Twister template) and rekordbox (Pioneer).

Daniel Simmons – Is the Dojo songwriting and vocal specialist. He helps with melodies, lyrics, singing, mixing and producing vocals, and discovering your identity as an artist.

Cryptochronica – Is an Ableton Maestro who specializes in Mixing, Layering, and Detailing.Learn speed, subtlety, and vibe in his fast paced vital lessons.

FL Studio

DETOX – James Dietrichson specializes in FL Studio and can help you with Electronic Music Production, mixing and mastering.

Skewbs – Gavin Jurewicz is an FL Studio Warrior from the mitten state who can help you become more proficient in FL Studio.


Trap Jesus – Luke Rain is our Reason 10 expert who specializes in setting up happy accidents and keeping the good ones. Strong in teaching workflow, arrangement, chopping and twisting samples and general life hacks. Background in Trap, Hip Hop and Pop.


Snappy Homefry – specializes in Logic X, Maschine, Recording & Production Techniquesand Mixing & Mastering.

Our Senseis are so excited to help you Remix your Life in 2019.  Please feel free to reach out to them and get to know them!

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