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Spiderhound Commits to Remixing his life in 2019

The probability of being born on planet Earth is 400 Trillion to 1 – I need to treat each moment as the miracle it is

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Before I look ahead to the things that I want to accomplish in 2019, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on last year’s goals and the things I achieved in 2018.  My goal for 2018 was to finish and release my Dopamine EP on the Producer Dojo Label, Create 52 songs, participate in all of the Producer Dojo Cyphers, become a Producer Dojo Mentor, and collaborate with ill.gates. Below is a list by month of the things that I achieved after setting my mind to it.


January – Released “Skip Class” on Producer Dojo Cypher 1. 

February – 3rd consecutive year of achieving FAWM goal of 14 songs in February and I released “Tight” on Producer Dojo Cypher 2.

March – My Spiderhound Dopamine EP was released on Producer Dojo (March 9th). I also released “Flapjax” on Producer Dojo Cypher 3.

April – I became a Producer Dojo Mentor

May – I collaborated with ill.gates and ego splitter on “Blackoutand I released “Ridiculous” on Producer Dojo Cypher 5.

June/July – I became fanatically focused on my daily music making habit which resulted in the creation of 121 songs. (they are not all good – the 80/20 principle definitely applies).

August – I released a 9 song “Feelativity” album under my secondary artist name “Elteres” and I also worked on my very first sample pack – “The Elteres 128”.

September – I became the Head of A&R for Producer Dojo and I collaborated with Vaedynn on a track titled “WTA” for the WOD cypher (soon to be released).

October – I took on the responsibility of Managing the Producer Dojo Calendar and I collaborated with Baphometrix and released “Swagged Up Assassin Ft. Baphometrix” on Cypher 7 and I collaborated with ill.gates on “Wake Up” (Unreleased). I also DJ’d my first live show in Los Angeles.

November – I released “The Bloody Hound” on Cypher 8.

December – I focused on the production of songs that are targeted for the 2019 Cypher challenges (Jamaica, Off The Grid and Computer Noises) – currently unreleased.

Wow! Clearly I can get a lot done when I set my mind to it, so now let me set my mind to the goals that I want to achieve in 2019.

2019 Goals

Goal 1:

A minimum of 52 songs (1 song per week).  Last year my goal was 52 songs and it looks like I created close to triple that. The Pareto Principle applies, so about 80% of those tracks will never see the light of day, but I learned a ton and I stayed true to my goals and learned how to hyperfocus.

Goal 2:

Successfully finish at least 5 collaborations. I love collaborating, but I am also frequently disappointed that they begin with a lot of fire, adrenaline and excitement and then before the finish line is reached it’s as if everyone gets whisked away to an alternate dimension where collabs just don’t get finished. I need to figure out how to get better at this, but I do understand it can be a pretty sensitive topic. I’m beginning to think that maybe collabs don’t get finished because 1 or both partners just aren’t feeling it, but they are not communicating that feeling and instead ghosting to another dimension.  If you are not feeling it, please tell me and I promise I will do the same. I think if we are honest about what we like and don’t like and hold each other accountable we will be able to finish and be proud of the final product.

Goal 3:

Create at least 12 videos for my YouTube Channel (1 per month). My YouTube Channel is a ghost town and I want to become a content creator that people will want to watch and subscribe to. I did my first FB live stream on December 15th and it was my most watched post of the year.  Clearly there is something to this live streaming approach and I want to become better at this and also add true value to people’s lives. I love that feeling when someone learns something from me that they didn’t know before. It makes me so happy and fulfilled.

Goal 4:

Be more present with my family. Although my body may be present with my family, unfortunately my mind is frequently wandering and thinking about music production and my to do list. I know how to hyperfocus now and I need to put that skill to work when I am with my family.

Goal 5:

Release at least 1 new song per month. By 2020, I should have at least 12 new songs that have been released in 2019.  This is the bare minimum.

Goal 6:

Get out of my studio and do some Live Performances. I had 1 live performance in 2018 and this is thanks to the generosity of ill.gates who invited me to perform at his wedding. I tend to be a recording studio hermit and I want to get out more into this beautiful and scary world. As Dylan recently said, all of the magic happens outside of your comfort zone. I need to spend more time out of my comfort zone.

Goal 7:

Meditate every day. I have been meditating since 2015 and it has been life changing. My longest streak of daily meditation was 70 consecutive days and I want to achieve 365 consecutive days of meditation in 2019.

Goal 8:

Be a solid accountability partner to ill.gates. Dylan has asked me to be his accountability partner in 2019 and this means I need to be organized, proactive and brave enough to have difficult conversations when tasks are in danger of slipping.

Now that these goals are written down I will break them down into bite sized daily tasks and transfer them to my calendar. I will also be adding these to a new 2019 Trello project board so that I can easily track my progress on these goals and document my notes, progress and store relevant attachments.

Wish me luck!  I feel really positive about 2019 and I look forward to the amazing journey that will begin with this very first step. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to do something similar for your goals in 2019. I would be happy to brainstorm with you, set you up for success and be an accountability partner so that you will be more likely to achieve your goals.  Here’s to a productive 2019!

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