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RIP KENNY Shares His 2019 Life Remix Strategy

Committing to a plan for remixing my life in 2019

You know, I’m usually not one for New Year’s resolutions. I’m the kind of person that thinks “why wait for a new year to try and achieve something?” While I still agree that you should always strive to achieve the next thing, regardless of the time of year, there is real wisdom in the concept. Long-term goal setting is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, and what I failed to see before was that most people simply choose the New Year as that starting point. It does make sense – new year, new goals, a calendar-driven fresh start.

Hopefully your 2018 was filled with personal and artistic growth. I must admit the thought of outdoing 2018 is daunting, but that’s kind of the point, right? If it wasn’t, you probably left some gas in the tank last year.

When deciding on this year’s resolutions, rather than focusing on grandiose social benchmarks I’ve set more controllable, task driven outcomes. Writing music is one aspect you have full control over, which leads me to my first resolution – Finish & Release 12 songs, and have an Album written by year end.

What new area of music could you explore in 2019?

Another aspect of music I truly love but haven’t fully delved into is film trailer scoring. Writing music for a film trailer is so much fun, you’re able to conjure so many more emotions when pairing your music with a visual aspect. This is my second resolution – Finish 4 Trailer Scores. If you’re reading this and know anyone who needs music for their trailer, send them my way! Here is an example of my previous work.

What goal do you have for finishing music next year?

The final aspect of my life I want to focus on during the new year is time management. It’s such a critical skill in today’s overly distracting world. If you’re able to focus in on how to achieve the most time for creation, along with maximizing that time when you do have it, you have the ultimate key to success.

The dojo has been the ultimate source to help me maximize my time in the studio, but I need more studio time. In my 5+ years of committing to music as a full-time passion, I haven’t been able to put in full-time hours. Not good enough. That brings me to my final resolution — 20 hours per week dedicated to music, which I’ll increase by 1 hour per week every month. They key here is to first establish a routine that consistently provides the time, then continue to find the next easiest hour (or hours) in my weekly schedule to re-assign to music.

How can you be more efficient in other areas of your life to free up those hours?

To ensure you get and stay on track with your resolutions, set quarterly goals with measurable steps before the new year hits and review bi-weekly. Start good habits early — You are what you repeatedly do.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to get outside once in a while. Balance is key. Don’t hold it against yourself if you lose sight of your goals from time to time, but make sure those bi-weekly reviews serve as the guide to set you back on track.

2018 was great, but here’s to making 2019 yours!

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