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Pedestrian Tactics breaks down the creative process behind ‘REDEF’

Pedestrian Tactics shares with us an explorative tutorial surrounding the creative process behind his latest independent release, Redef.  Tune in as he covers the main elemental features and gives a technique share on how he designs distorted modulated tones on top of the bass in those drops using both Ableton and Serum.  Enjoy this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance and get your creativity in high gear for learning on how to get those filthy, mind melting and deep club beats in full experimental mode.


Make sure to keep your eyes pealed as three more genre-bending singles are underway before a collection will officially release in full later this year. Pedestrian Tactics previously landed on the map under the identity “Corporate”, gaining attention from inclusions in live sets by Xilent, Porter Robinson aka: Virtual Self, Pretty Lights, Zomboy, and others; a feature on P. Diddy’s Revolt TV.

Listen to “REDEF”

“Redef started as a little harmonics test that quickly evolved into a track that utilized a few experiments I’ve been using in my recent tracks. Lately I’ve found myself utilizing sweeps between harmonics to add melodic qualities to an otherwise solid note. The opening bassline is an example of this. It started from a harmonic sweep, I believe from Serum, that I eventually added some noise to, distorted, and then resampled in order to add some texture. The second section exploits the use of passing a high note through a chain with a much louder bass note before distorting the two together. I’ve found this useful to make it sound like multiple sounds are coming from the same mouth.” – Pedestrian Tactics

Listen to “Frontline” ( out now )

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