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MRPH Brings The Grease To The East

MRPH is a producer from the east coast who combines his love for Lo-Fi, Hip Hop, Glitch and Bass to create new experimental soundscapes. His new debut EP “Grease Coasting” is a perfect representation of all these genres blending together; forming a real gritty underground style. You can find all links associated with this release and digital bundle by clicking here. Let’s dive deeper on who MRPH is and how this EP came to be!

Who are you, and what does your artist name mean to you?

My Name is Bryan AKA MRPH, I am an east coast producer, sound designer and dad trying to explore different worlds sounds and genres thru my music.

Tell us a bit about your release. What does it mean to you? How did it come about? What challenges did you face? How do you feel about the results?

This project was a long time coming. I started it during the COVID lockdown, and then also had a child while also making it. So I went from having lots of time to work on it to very little, but I think this strange time brought upon weird & interesting music.

What’s in your deluxe digital package? Who is it for? What do we get?

This Deluxe package is for producers who love to remix tracks like myself. I am excited to see what other artists will do with my music!

In this pack you will get the stems to two of my tracks that are released on my brand new Grease Coasting EP. All for just $5.00 – click here to view!

  • “Booze Cruz” stems [5 stems]
  • “Little Segal” stems [5 stems]
Click on Image to View

What are you most excited about lately?

In regards to music, I have been working on a few projects that will be done in the near future. They explore cassette tapes and hardware gear, and they also get more into hyper-glitch techniques. In my personal life, I’m excited for another child that is on the way!

Do you have any advice you would give your younger self?

Just keep pushing on with your music and don’t forget to keep it fun.

Is there anything you want to add?

I am just very excited for the future of electronic music. There are so many great new producers out there pushing the limits to create new and exciting music.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on Spotify, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. View all links associated with the Grease Coasting release by clicking here.

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