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how to mix dry vocals in ableton with audio saturation

Mixing Dry Vocals With Audio Saturation

How To Mix Vocals

Audio saturation is great for making dry vocals sound more clear and warm. Audio saturation is also great for making rap vocals sound more crisp. Learning professional techniques for recording vocals, processing vocals and mixing vocals can also improve the clarity and warmth of vocals.

Recording Vocals
Get the best recording advice for How To Record Vocals At Home with Trap Jesus. He shares insight about preparing your microphone, recording room and DAW for great vocal recordings.

Processing Vocals
6TH STREET has a 3 step process for making vocals sound more clear, crisp and dry. Get the details to his 3 step vocal processing by watching How To Process Vocals from the Producer Dojo Summit 2020.

Mixing Vocals
Pay attention to the warmth of the vocals when mixing vocals in a DAW. Vocals that are too clean and not warm get lost in the mix and cause the vocals to lose that compelling, irresistible factor. Learn How To Mix Vocals For EDM here.

how to mix vocals in ableton for edm
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