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MAMMYTH’s “Mythical” LP and Ableton Racks

We sat down with Producer Dojo Blackbelt, Anthony Brewer (aka Mammyth), to discuss his music production journey and all of the concepts and lessons he learned along the way while making his album, “Mythical,” and his newest Product in the ProducerDJ Marketplace, “Mammyth Mythical Ableton Racks

Anthony, congratulations on the release of the MAMMYTH Mythical LP! How much time did it take for you to complete the LP in full and what is the story behind “Mythical?”

Thank you so much! Time-wise, I’d say the process as a whole took over a year to be safe… It’s interesting, because there were a few tracks that have already been made long before I “technically” submitted for the LP, but they got added later as I was finishing up the final polish on the original submissions. So to specifically answer the question, I would guess it took a year and a half. 

This LP is special because it consists of such variety: old songs and new; varieties of genres and moods, etc. I think that this album has just been a huge victory in getting through all of the necessary hurdles and mindsets that are needed to be conquered as a growing producer. Stoked on how it all came together!

Do you have a favorite song on the LP and why?

That’s a great question. I think overall, “Liftoff” would be my favorite. “Liftoff” is also the first track I specifically used my voice in the track – even though it was just for one word!! Haha! The track itself just really takes me on an emotional journey, and I feel like the “face,” or theme of the track was just so cool and obvious. I really love space, and astronauts are just so inspiring and rad. In a way, I wanted to use the epicness of space travel to tell a story, but also to pay tribute to space travelers as well.

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What are some of your favorite approaches for quickly getting a great idea down in the DAW? 

Ah man, this question is huge. My favorite way of getting a great idea down fast is to just not overthink it, and if it feels good, press into it and get it in the DAW even if it’s just a sketch! Sometimes easier said than done, I know, BUT – you can always judge it later, as well as add cool ear candy, mixing, and all that in a different session. I’m also a fan of MIDI progressions, because you can easily just throw in something that melodically works, and you can chop it up anyway you like, throw them in Serum or anything, and make it all yours. Also a huge fan of Splice, and Arcade by Output for inspirational ideas and samples.

How do you approach Collabs? Do you have any best practices to share?

I’ve had a little bit of collab experience here and there. I have a couple in the works, but my first official collab release was with Cryptochronica, and that dude is just a legend to work with. We had a really cool bass/downtempo project together called “Parallels.” As far as any practices to share, I think just being honest with each other throughout the process is huge because if someone is feeling that something off, say on the drop or whatever it is, you need to have that conversation and make it work for both of you because it’ll eat away at you if there’s no communication! Another simple thing is just treating it with some sense of urgency, because I know things can be pushed into the background a bit if you are working with others.

Tell us about your new Product available in the Producer DJ marketplace. 

Yeah man, I have a handful of FX/useful Ableton racks available in the marketplace for purchase! 

There’s a couple mixing racks that I made:

  • “One Knob Bass Width” – simply adds width to basses in one knob!
  • “Vocoder Drum Transient Shaper,” which is a different take on transient shaping with some other useful features in the rack involving Ableton’s Drum Buss. 
  • “Easy Mastering Chain” is another rack that is self-explanatory. It’s a simple take on mastering for those who don’t really know how to approach signal flow in mastering. Just slap it on the end of your mastering chain.

As far as FX racks:

  • “Eff Your Drums,” which is a crazy beat repeater rack for adding variety to your drums.
  • “Flubber FX,” which is an insane rubbery, bouncy, time-stretchy echo with parameters and other FX that are fun to mess with.
  • “Glitcher of Sustained Notes” is you guessed it – a glitcher of any sustained notes. It can work on whatever, but I find it works best on sustained bass, pads, etc. And makes some wacky FX and glitches.
  • “Super Filters” rack is really handy because it contains both HP/LP filters, reverb, LFO modulation, etc – all in one rack.
  • “Synth Rainbows” is really cool because it’s heavy on the autopan modulation, as well as many other cool FX loaded in there to play with.

What are your top 5 favorite VST’s at the moment?

My top 5 favorite VST’s at the moment are these, in no particular order:

  1. Arcade from Output has become a favorite because it has really clutch options when you’re in the flow state. I like using their vocals, and having them automatically in key. It also has other inspirational features that are key mapped and ready. Super useful.
  2. Been exploring the Arturia instruments; they seem to have a lot of good variety and sounds.
  3. Serum of course is fantastic. But I’m finding myself using and appreciating Ableton stock instruments more and more (Simpler/Sampler, Drum Rack, Operator, etc).
  4. I really love using the Clariphonic DSP MKii Parallel EQ; especially for mastering.
  5. I have to throw in the GOAT… Voxengo SPAN haha. That analyzer is just so on point, and I use it every session. 

What can we expect from MAMMYTH in 2021?

I have a batch of songs that are ready to come out soon, and I’m also wanting to finish up a couple collaborations with a couple DOJO guys so that’s exciting! I’m just pumped to grow as an artist/producer in general, and to keep learning! I focus a lot on the mastering side of things too, so I am/will be working directly with other artists throughout the year. 

A little down the road, I would love to start on another album or EP but have very set parameters or themes that are obvious and fun; like only use one synth for the whole piece of work, or only one palette of sounds, or make the whole album sound like you’re underwater… you catch my drift. I feel like that’d be a cool project.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us? 

I just have mad respect for the Dojo, and everyone involved – I’m super grateful for those who have poured into me and believed in me! Thank you so much! Thankful for all of God’s blessings and for family and good friends. This album wouldn’t have been possible without you! Hope you enjoy, peace!!!

Stream/Download the MAMMYTH Mythical LP here.

Purchase Mammyth Mythical Ableton Racks here.

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