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Kid Beyond and Ill Gates Give us a Second Infinite Drum Rack

Beatboxing sample pack | Beatboxing sounds

Matter Here!

After a full day in the studio with Kid Beyond, ill Gates has brought us one of the most underrated, and underused tools in electronic music – The Human Mouth. Most people even forget that you can use your mouth as an instrument, or we roughly record ideas using our mouths into our phones to save for later. But, when properly used the human mouth can bring a song to life in ways traditional drums never could.

There’s just a different feel when there’s a beat box break beat in your track, and it’s because it feels more human than the rest of the cold and dry music that’s available to us. The same thing goes with a snap or a clap! having these types of human noises enter our listener’s ears can make them feel more connected to the music simply because the sounds of another human are in there.

It’s one thing to record your own beat with your mouth, but when a true professional beat boxer lays down a drum loop it changes everything. Take a peek at this video if you think i’m pulling your leg.

I’m telling you, Kid is no joke when it comes to pushing the limits of the human mouth. We’ve provided a sample pack of 128’s for kicks, snares, hats, toms, bass, breaths, percussion, scratches, fx, shakers, drum rolls, and even a 128 of vocals in a variety of different voices.

Seriously, I don’t think there’s anything people could use in their music more than some human expression and what better way to do it than layering your drums with a real person, or adding some awesome scratches and fills into your track to catch your listeners completely off guard. Click the image below and listen to the power of the human mouth if you’re still not convinced of the power we’re talking about.

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