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How To Make Cool Music Videos

The Summit EDM Livestream

Learn how to make cool, engaging visuals and music videos using Resolume and these story boarding ideas.

Define a concept for your visuals. The concept can relate to the face of the song. The face of a song is like the main idea, the unique identifier. Like a feeling, sound and notion. After you have defined a concept you can start creating visuals that support the concept.

There are a ton of awesome websites online where you can find content, visuals and art that support your concept. Support the creators and legally purchase the content with commercial license/ rights. Consider purchasing a membership or subscription to a stock site if you are planning to make a lot of visuals at once.

Always remember your concept. Choose visuals that tell a story and support your concept. After you have enough visuals for a complete story you can move onto editing!

This is where you edit the clips. There are a ton of tools for video editing. Ableton, Motionly, Resolume, OBS, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Subler, Motionleap are just to name a few. A lot of programs actually work together in different ways. So explore the possibility’s of how programs can interact with each other before spending money on a program.

Gain insight to Spiderhounds program workflow and editing strategy by watching the video above. He will tell you what programs he uses first, in the middle, last and why.

Post Production
This is where you add additional details to your video, transitions and correct any timing. This is where the final video really starts to look complete. Add your logo, the title, any credits, etc.

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