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Free vocal recording template and vocal recording workshop with iLL.Gates at Producer Dojo.

Hacking The Mic | Your Vocal Recording Template

Vocal Recording | Vocal Template

FREE vocal recording workshop Thursday 7/08/21 with iLL.Gates at 7pm PST on Dojo TV! Who doesn’t like free stuff!?!

1st Workshop 5/20/21
2nd Workshop 6/20/21
3rd Workshop 7/08/2021
This workshop is called Hacking The Mic.
Whether you are a vocalist looking to be more self sufficient, a songwriter wanting to update your methods or a producer looking to expand your capabilities “Hacking The Mic” has what you’re after. The human voice is arguably the most versatile and expressive instrument ever created and yet most would be producers are terrified to pick it up, but you don’t have to be.
In these presentations you will learn – How to set up a high quality, low latency recording environment.
– An effective workflow for writing vocal based songs from scratch
– How to focus your creativity for and maximize communication.
– How to use the mic to sketch out beats and musical ideas.
– How to make a few classic synth and drum sounds using a processed voice.
– A recording template for working with vocals so you can “shoot to edit”.
– Which limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
– A wealth of pro level concepts and terminology.
– The answers to any question you may have during the extensive Q+A period. Don’t miss this epic chance to step up your game!

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