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Get Your Hands On NI Reaktor’s Buchla 200 System For Free

We all like free stuff, especially if has to do with our favorite thing, music and synthesizers!  Get your hands on NI Reaktor’s Bucla 200 System for free today!

Most emulations now a days try to replicate original and existing hardware but the reality is that so much things are put into the mix when soldering components and letting electricity do its work that to me the concept might be very very far away from where we are right now. Another factor that plays along is the human interaction with an interface that could easily re-shape our workflow and in the case of a Buchla system that concept comes naturally since many composers and synthesists around the world continue to redefine the way of working through the philosophy that designers like Donald put into their modules and their system’s interface. I believe that’s one of the main reasons a hardware interface will always continue to be the preferred way of working.” – Trevor Gavilan ( Developer )

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