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Explore 8Stem: Music Remixed By You

We have a recommendation for you in our digital age that’s rising! Experience a full revolutionary music platform that is 8 Stem, founded by Sub Pop founder, Bruce Pavitt and tech partner Adam Farish. It’s an immersive, interactive, multi-channel playback and remixing free app with audio format that allows listeners to remix music like a professional DJ/sound designer – simple drag and drop process. It then shares and streams into Spotify and Apple Music and currently only available with iOS technology. The focus is participatory and instantaneous as they are also essentially expanding in terms of a music social network. Stay in loop with these folks and further up and read about their insights and intentions and why remixing is HUGE.


Remember Unsung Heroesa collaboration EP by ill.Gates X KJ Sawka?

Take a song apart and make it your own.” – 8Stem

Learn further through also watching The Ill.Methodology Remastered Workshop for full development and who knows, there may be a remix contest in the future.

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