Discover How to Mix Your Music with Composing the Mix Workshop

Understanding how and why your mix is affected by Composition and Sound Design that the entire process can come together to yield a professional and polished production. Armed with this knowledge you will never have to pay for mixing help again, saving you thousands of dollars over your career.

This course contains:

  • 20 years of professional experience condensed into a tight 80 minute presentation, a $50 ticket when presented live.
  • a 58 page PDF clarifying these concepts and so you’ll always remember them. This pdf alone is worth the $20!
  • Learn the single most important thing I’ve ever learned!
  • Learn The Magic Question that tells you when to do what so you never get lost.
  • Strategies to achieve the most elegant solutions when problem solving
  • 5 Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back
  • 3 Composition concepts that give your sounds room to breathe and grow
  • 6 Sound Design concepts that eliminate problems down the line
  • 20 concepts in Mixing that will give you a professional understanding
  • Learn how solving all your problems before mastering will yield a more professional result
  • Learn to develop confidence in your mixing ability and make the right decisions faster
  • Confidently finish more and better music than you ever thought possible
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