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Create Drum Beats with iLL.Methodology Drum Sound Design

Many producers assume creating drum beats and drum sound design is hard and that they should “leave it to the professionals”. Off the shelf, or placeholder drums are a hallmark of amateur work. Your drums are the focus, power, punch, and texture of every mix. if your drums don’t bang, your song won’t either. The good news is you can learn to make your own drum sounds and drum beats today. The easiest, and best way to learn the vital skills of drum beats is through the videos, racks, and instruments contained within ill.Methodology Drum Sound Design.

The course contains:

A 32 part deep dive on how to build your own kicks
17 videos for designing custom snares
13 tutorials covering all types of percussion
15 techniques to give a sizzle to your high hats
31 different ways to layer, record samples, and put your kits together
Ready to rock Ableton racks for every drum sound
The complete layered drum kit used for ill.Gates and UHNK’s hit single, “Trapezoid”

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