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Ahees Breakthroughs That Led To ‘Ghost Angel’


Ahee shares his breakthroughs that Led to Ghost Angel with Producer Dojo founder ill.Gates and Producer Dojo Ninja Ryan. The Producer Dojo is a record label where music producers can train grow and get paid. Founded by acclaimed bass music pioneer, ill.Gates.

Ahee’s album Ghost Angel is a piece of his life. His feelings and motivations for the album are traumatically inspired by the California wildfires. Ahee was directly impacted by the fires as the blazes wiped out the land and surrounding areas he lived on. These wildfires made Ahee think about death.

After Ahee experienced that trauma, he decided to focus on making life and his music more meaningful. He wanted to produce music that is more impactful and express his multitude of feelings caused by the trauma. Feelings of anxiety, fear, confusion but also feelings of hope, glory and the ability to keep moving forward.

Ahee is an energetic genre-bending alien that brings bass from outer space. He is known for his prolific musical output, tutorials, high quality sample packs and crowd engaging sets. With Ghost Angel he really strived to add emotion to his technical music geniuses. He believes music is like a time capsule of the soul and expression. He feels Ghost Angel was a huge stepping stone in making music where his emotions and technical abilities came together to touch others souls.

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