Hi everyone, I hope you’re well.

It’s Dylan ill.Gates letting you know that ProducerDJ.com has now moved on to a much, much better site built by Class of 808 alumni Plurthlings.

The site is now MyProducerDj.Club and it is a huge improvement in many ways.

We are going to leave ProducerDJ.com up for you to access all of your old products and videos and stuff, but I do strongly encourage you to come over to the new system at MyProducerDJ.Club as soon as you get the chance. It has all of the old products from ProducerDJ.com as well as tons of new stuff.

You can book private lessons there now, as well as access our new membership products The Weekly Download and full The Class of 808 membership (where you get access to everything on the site).

Thanks for being patient with us. We are a tiny team and this whole project has been a massive amount of work BUT the encouragement and support you have all shown us makes it all worth it.

Much respect to Plurthlings, and massive props to you for supporting us on this crazy mission.

We love you and we can’t wait to see you over at MyProducerDJ.Club

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